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Ugly Things are good for U

Cyril’s latest column for Ugly Things magazine will be available soon, ┬ásigned sealed delivered in time for the new issue at the presses!

This time he recalls the early SF trips era as he experienced it in person circa ’66-’67.

It’s getting better all the time – as tales of the nascent Groovies will be told!

Here’a s link to the most recently pub’d ish in which CJ reveals the secrets of ’65!


Are you a Belieber?

Justin Bieber is! He’s raving about Slow Death from the movie soundtrack of CBGB, which if you watch the trailer on youtube, notice Cyril’s bad ass geetar all over it!

Yes, beliebers, and non-Beliebers -Justin puts it at #2 on his current top ten list of songs and things to check out!

and by the way, or btw yeah yeah yeah – here’s the 1st draft of Cab Covay’s poster for the upcoming FG tour!

preliminary - wait for the final version which will include added detail and color!
preliminary – wait for the final version which will include added detail and color!

Cyril’s Message!

The Flamin’ Groovies will keep doing these spurts of energy shows/tours going gangbusters!

Everyone was so nice to us this time out – we were treated so well by everyone on this tour! The hotel suites had washers and dryers, the fans were beautiful, the staff and crew made us feel right at home!

Thanks to everyone who enjoyed the recent Elbo Room show. I couldn’t really hear the sound clearly so it meant a lot to hear from so many of you who said it sounded alright! We were very tired from the long flight home after the whirlwind tour – the best tour we ever did!

Our new drummer Victor was great, we couldn’t have done it without him!

Cyril Jordan

(with thanks to Ken K. & E.P. for keeping this website alive)

Ramblin’s of a Kaveman

Cyril and Chris (Jordan/Wilson songwriting team of the Shake Some Action – Now! era Flamin’ Groovies) took the first literal steps towards their tour in bright windy ┬áSan Francisco daylight this afternoon!

“Once more into the breach, with gusto!” I said as they began walking toward Barry’s van.

That got a laugh from Chris!

A little sad to see them go, though I know they will do alright, and a bit more than that!!

Cyril’s peace-out words were, “Keep your fingers crossed!”

That we will CJ.

And we hope they had a pleasant flight into Japan.

All’s quiet up on the hill…