“Crazy Macy” re-release on Otis Tours Premium Recordings

New Flamin’ Groovies single on Otis Tours Premium Recordings is available for pre-order at the Striped cavern!

Shop here: http://www.stripedmusic.com/7-flamin-groovies-crazy-macy/

To celebrate their 50th anniversary, we’re finally re-releasing the new 7-inch vinyl single “Crazy Macy” by legendary punk forefathers and powerpop pioneers the Flamin’ Groovies!!

Originally released by Burger Records for Record Store Day (April 16 , now it gets a re-release with new vinyl cutting and brand new cover artwork by Dennis Loren.
Written by Groovies founder Cyril Jordan and longtime lead singer Chris Wilson, “Crazy Macy” is the band’s first new record in 30 years. The song was inspired by an episode of the TV show The Untouchables. It was about a crazy woman in Chicago who went on a bank-robbing shooting spree with a Thompson submachine gun. In the show, Walter Winchell says, ‘She went down in a hail of bullets!’

Additionally, the single will feature the B-side “Let Me Rock,” which was the first track penned by Jordan and Wilson in the early ’70s but was only officially recorded recently. “’Let Me Rock’ is the very first song Chris Wilson and I ever wrote together… right when he first moved in with us in my mother’s house,” Jordan recalls.

Limited edition of 1000 copies, 100 on colored vinyl (lime yellow!) 


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