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  1. Hi-
    I hope you are doing well and had a happy new year. My name is Jack, I’m 16 and I’m from Sarasota FL. I’m a big fan of your music and I even have a copy of your record. Partly inspired by your music, I made my own band too, we’re called The Garbage-Men and we make all our own instruments from garbage and recycled materials. Here’s a video and our website: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X6KPSODmXwI http://thegarbagemen.com/
    I just wanted to let you know I like what you do and I also was wondering if I could send you the album cover to sign for me.
    Let me know, thanks a lot

    1. Hi Jack-
      Thanks, it’s been a very good year so far!
      Send it for signing… no hurry, since Cyril won’t be back until May.
      Will check out your video on youtube –
      keep on recyclin’!

  2. Cyril, I see you are playing Australia with Hoo Doo Guru’s…whee are you playing Boston area???? he asked with great anticipation, will help spread the word and fill the venue any way I can..shouldn’t be hard….many have been waiting for long time and your legend grows, First Plane Here, Eric

    1. Eric, it could happen!! There is interest from ‘above’ in booking a whole lot more gigs, so keep fanning the flames!

  3. Cyril, I became a Flamin’ Groovies fan back in 1980 when I heard your music on a wonderful old Saturday evening radio show on WHFS in Washington, DC. I think “Shake Some Action’ and “Slow Death” are two of the best songs ever written/recorded — I’m not tired of them even after 30 years of regularly listening to them.

    I do a music blog called “2 or 3 lines (and so much more)” and I’ve decided to feature “Shake Some Action” as my 500th post — it’s a big occasion for me, and I wanted to feature a really great song that meant a lot to me personally.

    That post is scheduled to go up in a couple of weeks, and I’m hopeful that you will have time to answer a few questions about the song — I’d love to incorporate your answers in the post.

    I’m looking for anything interesting about “Shake Some Action.” I’d like to know more about how it was written — how you guys came up with the words and the music and the arrangement that you recorded. Anything at all about all the little details that make it such a great song — the opening, the lyrics for the chorus, etc. Also, any stories about Dave Edmunds’ production of the song. Do you particularly like any of the covers that have been done? (The Flamin’ Groovies did so many great covers of the Beatles, Stones, etc.)

    If there is material about “Shake Some Action” on the Internet, please refer me to the relevant websites — no reason for you to repeat yourself if you have already answered these questions in previous interviews.

    In addiiton to my blog, I write on occasion for http://www.songfacts.com, a very popular music reference website — and also do a column for an online magazine, http://www.dabelly.com. I’d be interested in expanding the scope of this interview to cover more than just “Shake Some Action” and write it up for those websites if you are interested.

    Thanks for considering my request — I look forward to hearing from you.

    Gary Hailey

  4. Mr. Jordan

    I was wondering whatever happened to Danny Mihm. I’m not looking to invade his privacy or anything like that. Myself and another person are big fans of the Groovie and we both noticed that he seems to have dropped off the face of the earth, as least as far as the Internet is concerned.

    Hope you are well.

    Brett Harrison

  5. Condors Three Item Combo It’s been a while since I heard The Condors, this latest gem shows a band that has ipvormed with time. Gone is the rough garage ethos, now embraced by a fondness for all things Groovies

  6. Wow just wanted to thank Cyril, and the guys for a wonderful show last night. We don’t get to see the Groovies that often in Australia. I saw them when Cyril toured in ’86. Last night they looked and sounded awesome. What a night Flamin’ Groovies with Cyril, Chris and George and the young guy on drums, not sure of his name but he was awesome – looked like a young Clem Burke lol. My voice is gone from singing along with every song, not just of the Groovies but the Blue Oyster cult (another of my favourites) and the hosts The Hoodoo Gurus. Poor old Gurus were great and on any other night they would have been hard to beat, but when you have to follow those 2 legends – simply outclassed on the night???? Thank you sirs for the wonderfull evening and for a lifetime of music listening pleasure. The standouts for me were You tore me down, Please please girl, she said yeah and a crackin version of Slow Death….Is there anyway to get Cyril down under on a more regular basis with Either the Groovies, Magic Christian or even Ala Chuck Berry and just get a pickup band here in Aus??? I’ll play bass 🙂

    1. Funny you should say that about Victor (the drummer) We also said the same thing – a young Clem Burke. (BTW did you see the actual Clem Burke when he toured Australia a couple of years ago with International Swingers?)

  7. I just posted the first Flamin’ Groovies flyer – 7/28-29/1967 – Vallejo St / SF. Poster design by Cyril. More to follow. If you’re interested in Flamin’ Groovies posters – let me know. It’s at theflamingroovies.com ~

  8. Hi Cyril,
    I just want to thank you for coming by the store yesterday. It was a real thrill to meet you.
    Remember a gig in El Camino Park in Palo Alto in ’68?

  9. Hi Cyril,
    I want to thank you for turning me on to your column in “Ugly Things” Low and behold there was a picture of you as the Mad Hatter at the McGovern(or was it a Eugene McCarthy) rally in San Jose in ’68. I want to tell you that I’m acquainted with Mark Wanamaker(just saw him in Sept). who booked and ran? The Kaleidoscope in ’68. Any memories of him? He was a drummer who auditioned for the original Mickey Mouse Club but he lost out to “Cubby”

  10. Hi Cyril,
    The Savage Resurrection has a gig at Bottom of The Hill in SF on Tuesday, Jan 31. We were hoping you might be able to play either the 1st set or the 3rd (final set). We would certainly compliment each other well.The money is a split of percentage of the door, with $100 taken off the top as it is an all ages night. I wouldn’t expect there to be much money, in reality, but if we get enough people.. What do you say? Interested? I know that you get to SF from time to time, and this may hopefully be one of those times.
    > By the way, you can always call me at (520) 837-9728 if you want.
    > Thanks,
    Cliff Moser
    The Savage Resurrection

  11. Cyril, I am still in shock about George not being your bass player anymore. can’t think of any bassist i like better, His style was perfect for the Groovies. At your ages and long history it makes no sense to me. You were working on new Lp and worked so great together at the last live show i saw at the Brighton Music hall. SO will a new CD ever be completed and release? have you chosen a new bassist? will there be a 2017 tour? so many questions. very saddened. I hope this isn’t the end of the Groovies.

  12. How are you doing Mister Cyril Jordan?
    I am a radio broadcaster in Toulouse, France, radio Canal Sud.
    We use to play the tracks of the Flaming Groovies and do commercials for your concert here the 12th of September.
    Is-there a chance to meet you for an interview before or after the soundcheck?
    Thank you.
    Caubel Laurent

  13. Hi Cyril

    We so enjoyed the gig in London this week. Just seeing the enjoyment on your face and the satisfaction of someone who knows their they are at one with their craft was first rate.

    Despite the equipment probs the sound was just great, and those spangled chords as fresh as ever.

    The purple shirt, was the coolest on the planet – where did you get it please?

    Did you know Elvis Costello,was in the audience?

    Really hope to see you in England again next year. Amazin’ Hi Energy!

    Bless you

  14. Thanks to Cyril, Chris and the guys for what began in the 70s and beyond. I can’t read or play a note of music. And there’s much of the Groovies’ output that I’ve yet to hear. But reconstituting so much of the best the Beatles sound and making it their own back then has been a delight ever since. If the quality of much of your earlier recordings are as good as I think they are, please think about getting the analog masters re-digitized at 24 bit 96KHz (or higher) to issue as downloads at stores like this one https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HDtracks And even if the masters had some clipping distortion, phase problems or other flaws Chesky’s studio typically uses powerful restoration suites like these https://www.izotope.com/en/products/repair-and-edit/rx/features.html and https://www.waves.com/plugins/inphase?km_source=google&km_medium=cpc&km_term=43395921555&km_campaign=828249058&km_device=c&km_matchtype=b&km_keyword=%2Bwaves%20%2Binphase&km_adid=195376313014&km_account=searchbrand&awid=1146922547&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIlMTRzI6b1wIVhIVpCh0FWADgEAAYASAAEgJw3vD_BwE#drums-phase-correction-using-inphase

    “Yes, It’s True”…..

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  16. hello, demon radio in uk, mark Thomas, playing a lot of groovies tunes, want to run a radio competition ? if we sent you A RARE BEST OF CD, COULD CYRIL SIGN THIS FOR A RADIO PRIZE, BUT ALSO COULD YOU GIVE ME, OR GET CHRIS WILSON TO CONTACT ME TOO ? please supply postal address to my e-mail ?

  17. Recently received airplay service on “Fantastic Plastic”, another great slab of cool rock n’ roll from Severn Records. Inside, under the disc there are 4 album covers indicating availability. I have been looking for “Now” and “Jumpin’ In The Night” on cd for years. Are these now available in that format? Please advise. Besides hosting Bad Dog Blues since 1989 on WITR Radio, I also double duty from May-September doing a show “This Is Rock n’ Roll” for two hours…a balls to the wall all killer no filler your type of music 1960’s Beatles/Stones era, 50’s rockabilly, and the cooler stuff from 1970’s, onward. Thank you.

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