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Cyril Jordan has always enjoyed artwork, and has dabbled in illustration for as long as he could remember. Many of the earliest Flamin’ Groovies handbills were created by Cyril, and he’s also created some memorable album covers as well. When Cyril decided to drop out of the music business, he returned to his other great passion- illustration!

Comic books are a big part of who Cyril Jordan is. One his biggest kicks was getting a deal to provide artwork for a genuine Walt Disney comic book published by Gladstone Publishing in 1989.

Cyril Jordan is actually profiled in a book titled “Comic-Book Superstars” (Krause Publications, ISBN 0-87341-256-7). There’s a great quote in there- “Favorite comics not worked on: Uncle Scrooge, Mad, Walt Disney’s Comics and Stories, Cracked.”

Cyril has embraced the field of comic book recreations, where he gets a chance to pay homage to his favorite comic book artists of his youth. Vintage comic book cover recreations are increasingly recognized as prized collectable art. A superb feature article on this form of art appeared in the 2001 Overstreet Guide, “Re-Creations In A Flash”.

Cyril Jordan art collage


5 thoughts on “Artwork”

  1. Hi Cyril,
    I feel like an idiot! Till last when at Rough Trade I looked at the back cover of the new record, I never knew you were responsible for so much of the bands art! I actually thought it might have more uncredited work by the late great Barney Bubbles.

    I guess you’d call me a new fan, as I’ve not been following & since 65. I started late, 74 😉

    I’ll be featuring you on my Art Sleeves Instagram too 😉

    Best wishes from an Ex Pat living in Brooklyn, who last saw you at the Round House in 78.

  2. Before I even listened to any of the Groovies’ songs I read an interview with Cyril Jordan where some of his art for the band was printed. This gave the feel of a band really connected with other aspects of pop culture I also loved, which definitely intrigued me and made me look for their stuff. So it was no surprise to me really that the Flamin’ Groovies became big favourites of mine! I also own a copy of the vinyl with the Daliesque bland guitars. What a fantastic album cover!

    Last night was the first time I saw you live and it was amazing. I’m really sad if you guys left feeling upset about the gig for the glasses incident.
    Lots of love from Bilbao.

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